Horse-Drawn Streetcar

Today during Facebook Live I painted this horse-drawn streetcar. The picture I used for inspiration was taken in Bucharest sometime around 1900, but Galveston, too, used to have horse-drawn streetcars. As my new novel progresses, I find myself thinking about Galveston circa 1900 often. Today I spent a considerable amount of time daydreaming about what I’d like to happen to the characters I’m currently imagining.

Also, I’m getting ready for Storms of Malhado to go on tour with Lone Star Literary. I’m so excited! I will let y’all know the tour stops in a few days so you can follow along. For now, if you’ve been meaning to post a review, please do. I’d like for the book to have as many reviews as possible as it meets its new readers on the blog tour.

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