Alex Goes on an Adventure

Do y’all remember Alexander Ross, the little carousel horse that belonged to my mentor and that I’m totally obsessed with? Well, he has a new home! My mentor sold him – yes, sold him! – to two of his top collectors, who also happen to be my top collectors. I got to be there tonight for a very small and exclusive socially distant event, and I got to see Alex go home with two of my favorite people. He seemed very happy. I think he was ready for a new adventure and he’ll enjoy being in their beautiful home, which is full of art – a lot of it mine!

Speaking of adventures, I had a really fun day too. It was great to be back at my mentors’ in a social setting, around beautiful art and the two English Pointers I’ve missed so much, talking and laughing with people just like old times. Today I’ve started to feel hopeful that even with social distancing we might actually be able to have a fun summer.

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