Meet Maximilian

I’m not saying that Alexander Ross can ever be replaced in my heart, because he can’t, but in one of the darkest moments of the lockdown, after finding out that John had given him away, I trolled eBay for 1960s rocking horses and found Maximilian. I had him shipped to John’s house, and he arrived promptly in a big box which Ryan found on the porch. So for a while there were two little horsies. With Alexander Ross gone to his new home, I knew I had to paint Maximilian so that I could properly bond with him. I painted him during today’s Facebook Live, and I’m happy to say it was a satisfying experience for all involved.

Today was actually my first encounter with him in person. It’s so nice to be able to go to the Chrysalis again, and see some of the people in our group of artists, art collectors, and carousel horse aficionados.

Also, here’s a reminder that the Storms of Malhado ebook is .99 until the end of June. I want people to think of it as a Hurricane Season staple! And finally, here’s one more review from the blog tour.

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