What Are You Reading?

I wasn’t sure what exactly this pandemic would do to our reading habits, but if anything, I thought we would all read more. Lots of avid readers, however, say they are having trouble concentrating. For me too, sitting down with a book is harder, but audiobooks, which I listen to nonstop while doing things around the house, cooking, or simply pacing while looking at Matilda, have absolutely saved my life. Writing has saved my life too, and I’m happy to report that tomorrow I’ll probably complete the first draft of my next novel, about a Galveston prostitute circa 1900.

Meanwhile I’m waiting on some of my most loyal readers to finish Storms of Malhado – and hopefully post reviews – and still toying with the idea of a new cover for The Adventures of Miss Vulpe. It’s not going quite as smoothly as I’d hoped, but today I had a little bit of fun poking around in Canva, and the result is this. I like it, but it’s perhaps a little too dark. The story is disturbing in many ways, but also in its own way upbeat and occasionally very funny. I might keep playing, just for fun.

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