Today’s photo shoot was a lot of fun. I have a hard relaxing and looking natural, but it happened faster than usual this time. I had a peek at the pictures and they’re great. Will probably post some tomorrow. For now you can see Cassandra, the doll, reading the book in order to get into the mood.

I must admit one of my sources of anxiety over this was the possibility that I might not fit into the clothes I wanted to wear, or that I’d look like a sack of potatoes, or perhaps a stuffed sausage, but I did fit and the clothes looked good on. I still do miss the endorphin-boost of my elliptical workouts, but my daily walks and yoga have been keeping me in shape.

After the photo shoot, I ran home for lunch, then took my car in for its yearly inspection. I’d been having anxiety about this too, but it was fast and easy and it was good to see my friendly, reliable mechanic. He was wearing his mask and told me he’s had a lot of business all throughout the lockdown.

In the evening, after my Facebook show where I drew the Chanel-inspired image above (and it sold right away!) my friend came over for Niçoise salads, peach crumble, and cava, and we talked about art and the photo shoot. All in all, it’s been a great day, and after many days of just staying home it feels a little surreal that one can do so much in a mere twenty four hours.

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