Today’s painting is inspired by @postmodernequestrian, a sculptor whose work I really admire on Instagram. She makes the most beautiful Pegasus sculptures with an intricate underwire.

Meanwhile, here in the Heights, Bartholomew’s Playground dried nicely overnight, and today I auctioned it off on my Facebook Live show. It was exciting, with different people bidding and a bit of competition. In the end, it went to an excellent home, where Alexander Ross, the horsie that inspired my original vintage carousel horse obsession is waiting to make its acquaintance!

Other than the auction and live painting session, the most magical moment of the day was my long evening walk through the neighborhood, then sitting on the porch with my little dog and some nice music. Holly had a little misadventure where she got a thorny burr stuck on her paw, but once I found and removed it she was back to being her happy self.

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