Sprinkle Fairy Dust

Guess what? All my ten Christmas boxes sold! Immediately! It was so incredibly easy to sell these, that it felt beyond magical. It felt like some sort of positive visualization that actually worked, like I manifested something. Now starts the truly exciting part: getting them to the people who bought them and waiting to see who gets what! What makes this even more fun is that different people will open them at different times. Some have told me they want to have them under their Christmas trees, some will open them right away. I’m so curious what will happen. I made these with a lot of love and they’re packed full of some of my favorite things. So this is bound to be exciting. Also, I’m considering making more. Maybe I’ll make a second batch in case some people really wanted one and didn’t get the chance to order one.

Meanwhile, slowly but surely I’m preparing for the official release of Storms of Malhado on September 8th.

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