Christmas Llama

Penguins, llamas, polar bears, or bears in hats? It’s what I ask the collectors who bought Christmas boxes, because that’s what’s on the wrapping paper. I personally am partial to the polar bears because they’re just so cute – but really all the designs are adorable and all boxes are full of goodness, though I don’t remember what’s in each. Which is just the way it should be. I don’t even know where Beyoncé is. Or the butterflies. Or the bottle of bourbon, or so many other things I don’t even remember packing in there.

Three of the boxes have found their way to the collectors today. Seven are still here. It’s all a bit surreal – Christmas in August and transferring packages outside wearing a mask, but it’s fun and it makes me happy. And it’s something for people to look forward to whether they open the boxes now or later.

I also made this little collage for a review for The Adventures of Miss Vulpe from a few years ago. I’ve been looking at old blog posts and found it there.

It’s been raining on an off, and on our evening walk the heron was elusive, but I did see a baby frog, almost as small as the ones in John’s pond, and the moon did something cool. Then when we got back home, on a leaf of the lemon tree, I saw my lucky lizard. He was there, his tail curled up, the scales on his back intricate and beautiful. I could see him breathing and it made me very happy. Another reminder of how much I love nature this time of year.

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