The Big Stretch

Today I painted this abstract piece that looks like Mardi Gras, trying to send some good energy to Beaumont as it’s about to be hit by a major hurricane. We might have not gotten along, Beaumont and I. Our cohabitation was definitely not meant to last, but I am sending all the good vibes I can today, hoping it makes it through this monster storm alright.

Houston, it appears, will be spared. And so will Galveston. I’ve been praying for my little island and it seems that the storm will miraculously pass it by. There might still be a stormy night ahead, and my dear friend Ronnie Maceo just posted on Facebook that he’s reading the copy of Storms of Malhado I gave him. Which makes me so happy

As for me, with some reliable power tools tucked into my Longchamp bag, I went to stretch the big abstract painting at my new collector’s home today. It was a big stretch alright and quite a workout! It was so much fun though!

I brought a few other paintings with me, and my new collector played with them and saw how they look inside her new home while I was stretching her big abstract piece. Afterwards, I went to see, and they looked amazing in her space! It was really one of the best moments of my career so far. In the great light of her spacious new home, the paintings looked more alive than ever.

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