Full Moon in Pisces

They say the full moon in Pisces is a time to let go, to let things flow, tie up loose ends. I’m not sure I’m ready, not sure I would ever be ready, not now, not two years from now, not later. But today grandma finally got her prayers answered. She went peacefully in her sleep, and is probably now getting reunited with her loved ones, of which there are more on the other side than here. She used to joke about not wanting to die in the winter as people wouldn’t come to her funeral if if was too cold. A death during Covid seems to be conducive to even less of a crowd. She would probably find that funny. She found most things funny, but not really so much towards the end.

I’m not sure I have it in me to sit on a ten-hour flight with a mask on. How does one drink water? Definitely sure she wouldn’t have wanted me to do that. She thought it was best too avoid flying too much anyway.

I painted this abstract piece in the color patterns of one of her dresses, which she gave me when I last saw her in January. I remember that dress from my childhood.

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