Something magical happened today, if you believe in that kind of stuff, and I do. I was helping out with Sarah Luna’s Escapist solo show. These shows are very different in the times of Covid, with all social distancing protocols in place, an attendance limit, masks, lots of sanitizer, one-way traffic through the gallery, and no congregating. It’s as safe as going to any other store where everyone wears masks, which turns out to be pretty safe. So I decided I was up to helping, and sat at a table in the welcoming area asking people to please wear their masks (they all did!) and crossing their names off a list of participants – one of the many protocols in place to make sure attendees were nicely spaced out. I was actually having a nice time, feeling more relaxed about my ability to be around people and do business in these crazy times. John had brought Bartholomew, the carousel horse, to keep me company, and I was mostly alone, happy that when people did come, I could see them putting on masks as they approached the building. Then I looked at the list of names in front of me, and noticed one that was unusual, but familiar to me: Zorica – my grandmother’s name, which nobody used other than my grandfather. The rest of us called her Leu. But Zorica was her name, and while I knew a bit about its origin, I had never in my whole life met another woman called Zorica. But a Zorica presented herself tonight – with a mask on, of course– and it felt like from beyond the grave, my grandmother was giving me a wink. Perhaps what she was saying was “stop being so scared, girl, just wear your mask and keep the distance, but live your beautiful life.”

Some other good things happened today too. My books arrived for my book signing at Feliz Interiors on Tuesday, a full box of them! And the schedule for the Meet Houston’s Artists docuseries is now official (see below).

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