Anniversary of the 1900 Storm

Today, on the 120th anniversary of the Storm of 1900, I had my book signing for Storms of Malhado at Feliz Interiors here in Houston. It was a lot of fun – despite my anxiety about the pandemic which I mitigated by wearing my mask and using lots of sanitizer. Just as I knew it would, the book fit perfectly into the store’s unique and eclectic decor. In fact, I left a few copies and a painting of Galveston there because the display we created was too lovely to only be admired for one day! I also got to revisit some old favorites: Remember my carousel horses pre-Matilda? Or my little watercolor of cowboy boots from years ago? It now gets to be displayed next to a gun from the 1860s. Maybe Desmond’s gun? You can find all this and more – even the lovely presence of little finches – at Feliz Interiors on S Voss Road. Oh, and for people who love history, the copies I left behind in the store have all been signed and dated, marked with today’s anniversary.

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