What Makes an Evening Unforgettable?

One of the things my mentor and I have in common, aside from the art stuff, and a propensity to joke around relentlessly, is our appreciation for the finer things in life – luxury goods and luxury establishments offering unforgettable experiences. But what makes an experience unforgettable? My mentor and I love to discuss and analyze this question at length. Quality is not enough – the standardized offering of luxury can be so predictable and blah. To be truly moving, quality requires charm and a personal touch. Few people are as talented at adding those vital ingredients to an experience as my mentor is. A fresh rose, delicate water drops on its petals, a small surprise, remembering people’s names, or better yet having it displayed on a wall to honor them, remembering their preferences, are just some of the things he does to make visitors to his gallery feel special.

When we go somewhere fabulous together, we love to analyze what exactly makes the place fabulous. No detail goes unnoticed. It’s one of our favorite topics of conversation. And one of the most fabulous fabulous places where we relished in taking in the ingredients of an unforgettable evening was Tony’s in Houston. In fact, my mentor himself learned a lot from Mr. Tony Vallone, and I’m lucky that he passed on many of the lessons to me, lucky, too, that I got to experience this fine establishment and its many special touches in person. I’m was very saddened to hear about the passing of Mr. Tony Vallone today. I’m grateful that he brought such magic to Houston and shared it with us.

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