A Beautiful Home

Today I was in store for a real treat: I went back to the home of the collector who’d bought my huge abstract painting, the one I had stretched in her driveway a few weeks ago. She also bought a lot of other paintings, including The Blue Sea, currently in her bedroom. Some of my friends couldn’t believe I’d let The Blue Sea go, but the point for me is not to hold on to my art – though I love spending time with it! – but to find good homes for it where it brightens people’s days, and then to paint a lot more. So going to my new collector’s house today (to sign some unsigned works and put some finishing touches on the large abstract I had stretched) was a supreme treat! I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves. And these are not even pictures of all the paintings she got, they’re just pictures of the ones I did an ok job photographing. Her home is beautiful and I feel like it’s now an extension of my gallery.

Other fun happenings today: Storms of Malhado (still free, but hurry!) made it to #4 on the Historical Fiction Bestseller list (a huge feat!) and a mystery person sent me a roll of blue painter’s tape. The painting at the top is dedicated to this mystery person who turned out to be fellow Escapist and great artist friend Sue Donaldson. The tape is superior to anything I’ve used so far to create that sectioned off look in my recent abstract works. It opens up new possibilities. So yes, even after yesterday’s monumental loss, today was a great day. Because in the end when losing inspiring people we need to work extra hard to keep that inspiration alive and push extra hard to be our best selves and apply ourselves to making the world better and more beautiful.

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