Bluebonnet Study

I’ve received a very exciting commission from a new collector who wishes to remain anonymous. It’s a painting of wildflowers, particularly bluebonnets, and today I did a study for it during my Facebook Live show.

I also am planning a secret adventure. Remember how I said I needed a porch and was thinking of maybe renting one? Stay tuned for some Facebook Live broadcasts from a very lovely porch – I can’t disclose where just yet but you’ll find out soon enough.

Also, I’m totally in love with the Canva collage I made today to advertise Storms of Malhado being sold at Tippytoes. Don’t you just love this one? I think it’s my best one yet.

And on a very different note, 2020, the year of perpetually bad news, did produce some happy news today: Bucharest just elected a new mayor, someone who seems promising, a breath of fresh air much needed by this old and dusty but throughly lovely capital city. Perhaps, dare we hope, the chain of bad news is broken and slowly but surely good news is starting to trickle in?

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