Always Look for Horses

There are old horse posts all over the historic district in Galveston, and there was this particularly beautiful one close to the house we rented.

The dog and I went home today, and we left a little gift behind for the owners of the house. Can you guess what?

We already miss the whistling birds and the salt air, and our friend bicycling to our house, our other friends there to visit from across the porch. It was, of course, good to see Matilda and she was happy to see us too. But Houston feels big and loud and after two days of Island peace, a bit nonsensical. But perhaps we’re just tired? At some point while I was drawing downstairs, the dog was snoring so loudly in her bed upstairs that I had to go check and make sure that’s what I was hearing. Surely if a small dog can sleep so hard, the human needs some rest as well.

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