Tiger Balm

Today my Mega Friends (well, one in particular…) sent me a stand for my iPad so I can have an easier time filming and painting during my Facebook Live show. Isn’t that amazing?

I used it to paint a watercolor of Tiger Balm. Why Tiger Balm? My eyes fell on a jar of it while I was trying to decide what to paint, and it occurred to me that it was shiny and thus a worthy subject. Also, John loves to make fun of me when I paint mundane objects, and true to form, his guest appearance on my Facebook Live show did not disappoint. We talked about snorting Tiger Balm like cocaine (please don’t do that!) and possibly setting up a vending machine to sell it in the Bush Bathroom. Sometimes I’m not even sure our jokes make sense, but we all had a really good laugh and we all needed it. See, Tiger Balm cures (almost) everything. Just don’t snort it!

I spent some time today looking through pictures from my year in the Escapist Mentorship Program, as I wrote this email to my collectors telling them about how it’s changed my life and asking them to please consider buying tickets to the 2020 Gala.

Look at this cute picture I found of me and Bobby in February 2018! I think it’s our first picture together!

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