The Fly

My friends requested this watercolor of a fly. We have a text group called Exercise Girls, which hasn’t discussed exercise in about three months, but is proving to be very supportive and fun.

Today went by pretty fast. I went to see John in the morning, and he taught me some cool tricks for Aimée’s letters and gave me a good fountain pen. Then I dropped off a copy of Storms of Malhado for two new readers in the Heights, went home to eat, and went to the postoffice to mail off one of the many pieces of art I have to ship after my online sale. I managed to pack some of the other items, which feels like an accomplishment.

In the evening I went to see a close friend I hadn’t seen in almost a year. She looked good and she has new art in her chic little house – a piece by one of my favorite Island artists, actually, Rachel Wiley Janota, whose seascapes and skies are glorious.

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