Mindless Magic

There’s this exercise John asks Escapists to do during the program that consists of making twelve small paintings within an hour. It’s a very freeing exercise as when you paint that fast you can’t think and John says that thinking kills the magic. It’s also a powerful way of getting unstuck and just a good thing to do every now and then. In fact, John suggested I do this in the early days of lockdown back in March when I was freaking out at what was ahead (little did I know, lol). It was a transformative exercise as it allowed me to let go of panic and embrace my creativity, which pulled me through.

Today John asked Lindsay Burck, another Escapist, and a personal friend of mine, to do this exercise. What she came up with was beautiful so it inspired me to to it too, as an extension of my new Gold series.

Also today I drove to League City to hang some art inspired by Storms of Malhado for my #1 reader. Yes, I have a #1 reader, and she’s awesome! She was the very first person to read and review Dogs with Bagels seven years ago, and she’s kept this up for every book I’ve published since.

She bought three watercolors inspired by Suzanne and Betty’s dresses in Storms of Malhado and I also hung a painting for her she had bought earlier this year – Don’t Blame the Goddess. She waited for me wearing her Matilda mask and a limited-edition Houston in the Rain shirt. Which obviously made my day!

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