The Award

I just had to do a painting of my Escapist Alumni Award with my black Maje dress I wore to the Gala, and I had to do it live on my Facebook show for my Mega Friends (aka the awesome collectors who watch me paint live each and every day) because it’s thanks to them that I not only survived the pandemic without feeling lonely, but actually stayed on track with my business and got an award from my mentors for it!

I don’t know if I explained before, but the award comes with a check for $500. I will use it for a brand new shipment of art supplies so I can create a brand new series once I’m in my new gallery space. It reminds me of preparing for my solo show during the Escapist Mentorship Program!

Also, I really can’t stop watching the YouTube video of the Zoom recording from the Gala. It just makes me so happy! There are little things I didn’t notice before, lots of really sweet things people did, lots of ways to connect from so many places. I still can’t believe we did this! It’s magical, like a seance summoning loved ones near and far and sharing this very special event with everyone.

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