Day of the Dead

If change is good for us, and it often is, then why is it so hard? Perhaps the Day of the Dead is a good time to contemplate these questions, as it’s a time to meditate on endings, beginnings, transformation, and the impermanence of things.

Here I am, snug in my new old house, which is beginning to feel like a long-lost friend. Its wood floors, bright windows, colorful cabinets, and spacious rooms are welcoming and cozy. And yet I panicked at the thought of spending the night here and almost talked myself out of it. It’s true that I’m still just camping out here on an air mattress with my little dog, but the place feels good, magical and friendly, in fact.

John came to visit us. He loved it! He said it’s perfect for me and my business and reminds him of his first bungalow. He walked here, and Holly and I walked him halfway to his place. It’s so beautiful to walk around here! It almost feels like New Orleans!

And speaking of New Orleans, the Kickstarter campaign for The Glory Days of Aimée Bonnard is live! Check it out to find out more about this new book, why I want to publish it before Christmas, what the backer rewards are, and why I decided to use Kickstarter to raise funds. I already have four backers, which is really exciting! I think some of the rewards – especially the ones that include original art – will go fast, and they are limited in number, so you might want to check soon!


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