First Dog

Something vital has been missing in America these past four years: There were no dogs in the White House. That is about to change. Major and Champ are getting ready to move in in January. Of course, not everyone’s happy about it. My own dog is very upset as she absolutely hates dogs and these two guys have the audacity to be big. Holly feels very offended.

But a lot of people are excited. Especially about Major, because he will be the very first rescue dog to move into the White House. I think this definitely is a step in the right direction as far as equal opportunity for canines is concerned. In shelters across America dogs are happy to realize that they too could one day move into the White House. Though all of them would be happy with any loving home. Which reminds me it might be time to make that donation to the SPCA, the money I raised from selling books. I never made it to an even $300, but I don’t mind rounding it up because all dogs deserve love and a good home.

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