City of Light

Currently on my easel: a painting of Paris in winter. It’s nowhere near done, but at least I started it today on my Facebook Live show, which has been resumed after a few days in which meeting collectors at my old place and conducting my moving sale took center stage. It feels good to paint again in the company of my Mega Friends, and good too to work on a new series.

A few other things are good as well. I got to see my friend and take a nice walk with her in my new neighborhood.

It’s easier to notice nature over here, its rhythms, its celebrations, its cycles of renewal. Houses, too, have distinct personalities, as do yards and even back alleys. I’m still tied up in knots, the changes in my life still throwing me off balance, but there is much peace and inspiration to be found in walking.

More good news: My Kickstarter for The Glory Days of Aimée Bonnard is definitely alive and kicking! Three sponsors came through today, one even being the very generous Mega Sponsor who will have the book dedicated to them. I was, quite frankly, beginning to worry that the crowdfunding had not been a good idea. Kickstarter is all or nothing so if I don’t meet my goal, I get none of the money pledged to my project, but with 48% already pledged and 17 more days to go I am now gaining confidence – and motivation. And it’s making me feel very successful as an author to know that people really want me to publish my books!

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