I painted a lemon to go with last week’s orange

It was a good day to drive down to the Island. It was chilly but not really cold. With the windows open and the heat on, we drove around trying to find the Sandhill Cranes. We did find them, but they didn’t want to be anywhere near us.

We also walked around quite a bit in the historic district, trying to stay away from the crowds on the Strand. We went to see the ships too. We sat outside to eat and it was cold. It felt nice to drive home to my warm house and warm dog. The chickens have gone into their little house to sleep. They sleep outside when it’s warmer, and huddled inside when it’s cold. The chickens are smart.

I’m trying something new with this blog to see if maybe it will allow me to insert a link. I was upset about not being able to do so two days in a row, but let’s see if it’ll finally allow me to link to my Kickstarter. Yes! I think it does work! So apparently I just needed to use the more sophisticated blog editor. Go figure.

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