Time to Up the Ante

Expect some new backer rewards for my Kickstarter campaign for The Glory Days of Aimée Bonnard to be posted this weekend. Rumor has if some will include these cards and generous art credits. Keep your eyes on that Kickstarter!

I woke up to a new pledge on my Kickstarter campaign. The backer reward chosen was a letter from Marie, Aimée’s sidekick whose murder she tries to outrun. I love that so many people picked that particular reward. It’s one of my favorite ones, especially as the whole book is written from Aimée’s perspective and readers don’t get Marie’s point of view. I think this reward really adds something interesting and valuable to the experience of reading the book.

Of course, with only five days to go and $1119 still to raise, I am starting to be nervous about securing enough pledges. Have I mentioned that Kickstarter is all or nothing and that if I don’t get the campaign fully funded I lose the $1881 I’ve raised? Of course I’m not about to let that happen.

So today’s creative idea is to include some generous art credits as part of the backer rewards. These are gift cards to my gallery, except unlike a traditional gift card, the amount you can redeem is more than what you paid. These are a great value and people love them! There will only be a limited amount of them available, so keep your eyes on the Kickstarter this weekend so you can get them while they last!

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