Rainy Moving Day

There’s an Italian saying about rain on one’s wedding day being lucky. But when I awoke way late this morning, with my boxes still unpacked, and heard the unmistakable sound of Houston rain outside, then looked at the forecast, I didn’t feel like this would be a lucky day at all. I was wrong. There was a gap in the rain just long enough for the very courteous and professional crew from 3 Men Movers to load my stuff onto the truck then transfer it into my new house. Holly watched with great interest. The men wore masks, used lots of sanitizer, and put down blankets as to not get mud onto our hardwood floors. Holly might have liked some mud, but I was grateful for the thoughtful gesture.

I was so happy to have my stuff in my new place! My stuff is not expensive or fancy. It’s pretty much what a graduate student would own (except for the art and clothes, which are very fabulous). But my things are comfortable and loved and really well-suited to my daily needs.

Also, my friend Ray stopped by and brought me the most beautiful unicorn carousel horse ornament. She’s so lovely words don’t do her justice. I named her Stella. And I immediately painted her.

I have not looked inside any of my hastily packed boxes. I only opened one and only took out one item. Serendipity would have it that the first item in the first box I opened was the classic Chanel skirt my friend gave me two years ago. Which leads me to believe this is a lucky move. So perhaps that Italian saying about wedding days translates to other life events as well.

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