I Missed My Couch

In which Holly writes a poem about her couch:

Couches were designed

For dogs

But humans

Can sit on them too

And tend to like it.

Most dogs will allow

Their humans

To get on the couch

Although the humans

Might shed a little.

My human sheds

Very long dark brown hairs

Almost black.

Some couches are small

But as the biggest

Dog in the Universe

I need a huge one.

It’s even long enough

To accommodate

My human’s hair.

I like my couch a lot

But I wasn’t too concerned

When it disappeared from my life

Around the time when

I took possession of this new house.

But yesterday three men came

And brought me my couch

And I remembered it fondly

And realized I had actually

Missed it.

A lot.

I love my couch.

So I slept on it all day

And I let my human

Lie on it too

Though she didn’t sleep.

Humans are weird.

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