Mermaids and Oysters

It had been years since I’d been to San Leon for oysters, and when I heard about Pier 6, the brand new restaurant right on the water, I knew I wanted to go. Today my top collectors and I went there to celebrate their anniversary. The waitress laughed when we said we wanted to sit outside. But that’s our preference during the pandemic, even on a very cold day. Besides, it was beautiful to be right on the water, and the oysters were delicious. And they did bring us a heater. And masks are a wonderful way to keep noses warm.

We stopped in Seabrook first to buy seafood and met some beautiful pelicans
Would you sit outside on a cold day if this were your view?

The rest of my day was spent with pleasant wintery nesting activities at home. I found the white blankets I like to drape over my couch. I made shortbread. I looked for my Christmas lights. That kind of stuff. I also did a fair amount of reading, going through my final draft of Glory Days with a fine tooth comb.

The house is getting more and more comfortable and I’m loving it more and more. Even the early morning construction noises outside – is there any place in Houston where one can escape that? – don’t take away from my enjoyment of it.

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