Current progress on the water lilies

I had a dream – or was it a nightmare? – that I took my Christmas tree to the beach. It was night in my dream and the beach was the one in Benicassim, though I kept thinking of it as Galveston. I couldn’t get the tree back in my car and I ended up having to leave it overnight and was afraid people would steal my fish ornaments.

I know that’s a weird dream, but my day didn’t match it. It was a pretty good day, and one full of meaning too. I was still gathering things from my former place, getting it ready for the cleaners. While doing that I was listening to something about astrology my childhood friend sent me. Apparently a new era starts on the 21st – the Solstice and the day I publish my book! – and right now we’re all just butterflies getting ready to hatch. Next year we will fly! So who do you want to be when you hatch?

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