Earlier this week, my water lilies suffered an accident of sorts. They were attacked by a monkey weilding red paint. I’m not naming names, but maybe the monkey was a world famous artist we all know and love. Which does not by default mean that the intervention was welcome or in line with the vision I had for my lilies. And it’s important to stay true to one’s vision. Always.

So I ordered a whole bunch of paint and set out to transform the lilies, to restore them to the more soothing blue wintry landscape I had dreamed up. There will be some extra layers added, but for now I’m happy to have reclaimed my territory.

Also, there is powerful symbolism in all this. The water lilies painting is all about rebirth, about the cycle of life, about how all the lovely things take a rest in winter, only to make a glorious comeback in the spring.

The stars are doing some magical stuff right now, and we are all being transformed. The process is not always pretty or painless, but, like butterflies waiting to hatch, we must all trust that the result will be glorious.

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