Today I bought myself something real pretty: fennel! I’ve always thought this was a beautiful vegetable, and it’s actually not my first time painting it.

I had a really nice day in other ways as well. The weather was lovely, and a very good friend, whom I haven’t seen in months, came by for a socially distant visit and a very long walk. We might or might not have drank some bubbly John left in my fridge during our walk. It was really good catching up and laughing.

At night I made soup including, among other things, the fennel. John came by to drink a cocktail with my dog and make fun of my art.

Later I lit candles and some incense and actually got back to my yoga practice. It felt good to look at the waterlilies in the warm glow of Christmas lights and candles. Some of the lighter brushstrokes shine in the dark. I’m finally at peace with this painting, finally loving it. Perhaps it took yoga, or just some different light to bond with it, but it’s becoming one of my favorites.

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