Aimée Is Getting Some Press!

It was a beautiful sunny day, and when I heard that the January issue of Galveston Monthly was out, with an article about The Glory Days of Aimée Bonnard in it, I decided to drive to the Island immediately to get a few copies. But as my friend and I visited several beloved businesses where stacks of the magazine are usually up for grabs by the door, we learned that we were early, and that the January issue hadn’t been distributed yet. It was ok, obviously. It was still a nice day on the Island. But we called the magazine just in case. And they got back to us! We learned about the truck that was delivering the January issues to the Island in the afternoon. We made arrangements to pick up some copies – hot off the presses! We made sure we snuck in some walks on the beach and some time admiring old houses, it was all in all a perfect Island day. And I’m so curious what happens once the magazines start getting distributed!

You can read the article here.

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