Well Stocked on Gummy Bears

In which we continue to feel lucky, but our challenges are compounded by not having water. It’s a citywide thing and I don’t understand the science behind it, but there was no water today.

Since our Survivor team is strong, we secured three gallons of bottled water, in addition to all the water and Gatorade we have here. John also did a successful grocery run.

We collected rain water to use for the toilets. Since this house is perfectly outfitted for parties, but not so much for the apocalypse, we scoop it up in champagne buckets. So glamorous!

We also have an endless supply of gummy bears. John loves gummy bears. Funny story: Yesterday, before the seriousness of the situation fully sank in, John walked to Kroger, stood outside in a long line (remember there’s also that pandemic going on), and walked home with heavy bags. When he unpacked his loot, it turned out to be mostly gummy bears and I almost rolled on the floor laughing.

Today he got us meat, cereal, some veggies, milk, good coffee, and then some. I was also able to get some groceries delivered and I baked bread! Tomorrow I might try to not focus exclusively on subsistence and maybe paint a little.

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