Cows Don’t Like to Run

It’s crunch time for getting my show ready. I feel like I have to hurry to get things done, and as a Taurus that’s always hard for me. Still, today, with help from John’s assistant we took care of some of the more daunting logistics.

Then I proceeded to varnish the paintings with a varnish that’s really luscious and which I’m undoubtedly allergic to. I guess some of the paintings will have to stay unvarnished, which is fine.

It’s been interesting too, observing my own feelings and moods and learning that there are some things I really want to do and others I don’t want to do at all. I made this note to myself a while ago, and it stuck with me: Pay attention to the things you want to do. Is it odd that it’s mostly Amazon keywords and Canva collages advertising my books?

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