A Miss Vulpe Kind of Day

The weather definitely feels like spring, and perhaps I’m a little more up for things than I used to be. With my mask on, of course, and with great caution! I’m not going crazy here but I actually ventured out to the pet store to buy dog food (one of my few trips to a store since last March), then placed a to-go order with Pondicheri, my favorite restaurant, and stopped in to pick it up myself. It was nice to revisit, however briefly. Picking up the food was a quick and sanitized experience, but it did help lend a little color to my day. I drove away sucking on my rose lassi, which was beyond delicious, and revisited some of the neighborhoods I love, just to remind myself of some of the things I like about Houston – the parts of town that feel fresh, and airy, and vibrant.

It wasn’t really such a big adventure, but it got me out of my routine in a pleasant way. And the food was delicious, especially the lassi, and the almond chocolate cake. It felt naughty, perhaps a little bit like Miss Vulpe – though maybe not quite as naughty. I wonder how Miss Vulpe would behave during quarantine?

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