I Choose to Wear a Mask

Preparations for the solo show continue. A lot of time and effort is being spent on making sure people get to see the show in a safe socially distanced way, and that only small groups are present in the gallery at one time. Meanwhile, the governor of Texas decided to do away with the mask mandate and restrictions on the capacity of businesses. Hm. While I really wish it was time to do all that, the CDC still advises extreme caution, so I will continue to wear a mask and continue with my planning of a socially distanced masked show.

We made a lot of progress today! John and I worked hard this morning to create a Facebook event and then some! We both prefer painting to doing work on our laptops, but since we really want people to see the art, we are willing to make an effort. 😉

If you’d like to schedule a private preview of the show, please click here. And if you’d like to book a time slot to attend the opening reception, please make your reservation here.

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