Pelicans and Gummy Bears

In which we take a quick trip to Galveston to see the pelicans. The pelicans like to hang out in a salty spot by the Ocean Star museum. They seem to have recouped from the freeze quite well. I hope their feathers provide ample insulation. In fact I’m sure our pelicans are better insulated than our homes.

Meanwhile in Houston John received a huge package of assorted snacks – some of which are fancy Haribo gummy bears (Goldbären!). He thought our friend sent it to us during the freeze, but it turns out it’s the individually packed snacks I ordered for my solo show. Which made me instantly happy. I hope John doesn’t eat all my fancy bears. If he does I’ll complain to the Board!

Also, the number of red dots in the gallery are increasing! Y’all make sure to book your VIP private previews and time slots for opening night and get your favorite piece before it’s gone!

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