Ready to Play

Today I had the first official preview of my show. It allowed me to take care of the last finishing touches, a process that might have involved borrowing John’s nicest scented candle and stealing a rose or two out of his fridge (he keeps them in the fridge like a florist!).

The gallery looks great if I say so myself, and the friend who came by really enjoyed the show. She said it’s some of my best work!

And now that everything is ready and people are signing up for either private previews or the opening reception, I’m feeling my anxiety ease up and excitement take its place. I’m ready to play! Of course, we will play safely with masks and such. We’ve designated the Chrysalis as a space where masks must be kept on at all times. There are other larger and better ventilated areas – including an outdoors space – where people can be more relaxed about masks as they enjoy snacks and beverages, but those guests who don’t want to be around maskless people will be able to enjoy the art in a space where everyone is masked.

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