Today was seriously the best day ever! My Monarch Society evening was tonight – an exclusive preview for key supporters of the Escapist Mentorship Program, always intimate and special. With the exception of me and another woman roughly my age, everyone who came was vaccinated, but they were still very good about distancing and wearing masks.

Speaking of vaccination, something wonderful happened today that greatly eases my anxiety: the most successful and social artist I know got his first shot! John drove all the way to Port Arthur today, after a friend told me they had a surplus there and were vaccinating everyone who showed up. It wasn’t actually quite as easy as that, but with some luck and charm, he did get in!

As for me, I received detailed instructions about my volunteering shift on Monday, and I was happy to stay here and prepare for my Monarch Society evening, which was a huge success!

It’s funny how everything has been transformed since just a few short weeks ago. Everything seemed pretty bleak not that long ago, now the art is hanging in the gallery and finding wonderful homes with wonderful people, we are all getting vaccinated, and there is newfound excitement about so many things.

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