Salt Air and Whistling Grackles

In which Holly and I travel to the Island to be reunited with salt air and whistling grackles. We’re staying in the sweetest little cottage a few blocks away from the beach. Holly was so happy to be back on the Island. I think she’s missed the salt air and sense of adventure.

Me too, I’ve missed it. I think I ease into a more relaxed version of myself when I’m here. It takes a day or so to be fully at peace, but then I’m happy to just coast along and enjoy all the little things, the sounds of nature, the lights of ships in the distance, the cool breeze, the occasional glimpse of inspiration.

While here, I’m hoping to make some progress on my next book, a jazz age mystery. I also want to properly celebrate the one year anniversary of Storms of Malhado, which is this Saturday. I can’t believe it’s already been a year! And what a year it’s been!

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