The tomatillo came in my Imperfect Foods box, along with other tomatillos. Wrapped in their paper-thin husks, I thought they were very pretty. I just had to paint one. And also one of the daffodils I got at Trader Joe’s.

My second volunteer shift and my second vaccine is tomorrow. I’m excited, also a bit nervous. Not about getting the shot or about side effects, but about the logistics of the whole thing. Though I’m trying, in general, to be more relaxed.

I roasted the tomatillos in the oven. They weren’t half bad. On tonight’s walk, the air was fragrant with jasmine, but the frogs were silent. What I did hear was another owl. Not my owl, it sounded entirely different. Again, it made me happy to know there’s more than one in the neighborhood. I don’t want my owl to be lonely.

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