Yellow Throated Warbler

Inspired by a picture by James David McKenna

Today it was uncharacteristically cool for spring, and I felt tired most of the day. I even took a long nap with my little dog. But then I did my Facebook Live show and painted this sassy little bird and it cheered me up. After the show, I took a short walk in the neighborhood and ran into my neighbor who has the chickens. I think we’re making friends! Which is really exciting!

I can feel things opening up, both in terms of more and more people getting vaccinated, and in terms of spring being here, days getting longer, and more people wanting to be outside. I’m starting to have a really good feeling about my house and the neighborhood, that this is the right place to be and that it’ll lead to meaningful connections with people.

Also, I created a cute little thing today. It definitely tested my website creating skills, but I made a page dedicated to my Palette Fund – a place where the sweet and awesome people who constantly ask if they can buy me art supplies for my Facebook Live show and beyond can contribute a little something if they’re so inclined. I love it when people spoil me!

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