A Walk Through the Cemetery

After a productive Monday morning (hey, I even made a list of everything I need to get done this week!), I felt compelled to drive down to the Island. I felt cheated on Saturday, when I had a wonderful day but didn’t get to hang out with my friend, to walk and talk about everything under the sun (e.g. How did they make bootleg alcohol during Prohibition and was it really toxic? File under research for my next novel).

Today was perfect for long walks and our usual banter. The breeze was cool, and on the beach the tiny little crystals in the sand shone as if in celebration at seeing us again. The water was cold. We found a mangled balloon and disposed of it properly, probably saving a sea turtle’s life. We care about our turtles a lot.

Then we took a detour of sorts, and ended up at the cemetery. The cemetery was abloom with yellow wildflowers. It was beautiful. And although there were elements of sadness to our visit there (lots of babies used to die back in the old days before vaccines and such!), after a while, I was able to find a type of peace that had eluded me all day.

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