First Frog of the Season!

On this evening’s walk, Holly and I saw the first frog of the season. The new phone allowed me to take a better picture of it than I normally would have. So that was nice.

Though overall I’m not sure I like the phone. It might be too heavy for me to use comfortably. I took the case off to see if that helps, but if things don’t improve, I might have to return it.

I actually had some neck and shoulder pain today, which put a damper on an otherwise lovely day: I volunteered at Friends of Downs Syndrome, where my friend teaches. His students and I painted watercolor rainbows, also flowers, and puppies, and it was great fun. It was so good to see them smile!

In the evening I walked to a neighborhood bar to meet a friend for a drink. It was a really nice walk, and a really nice drink. I’m starting to really love the neighborhood and being able to do things like this.

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