Party Dress

Today I really like my painting and that makes me happy. Writing was good too. I might have been too hard on myself with the first draft, when the mystery was still unresolved even to myself, characters’ motivations still unclear, and the whole storyline still somewhat flimsy. Now that I know what’s going on behind the scenes, I can add substance and flavor and the story is shaping up to be enjoyable. I know I’ve put a lot of pressure on myself as well because I love Glory Days so much, and it was bound to be a difficult act to follow.

The lizard is still in her own world. I tried to play along. Showed the children my toy giraffe, secretly stole some of the cookies she left out for the girl. They were stale so I threw them out, and the lizard only found the giraffe amusing for a few seconds, but that’s ok.

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