Lizard v. Watermelon

“If you show me pictures of art, I don’t really have much of an opinion,” my aunt said. “Show me something I understand. Show me a watermelon.”

We were, indeed, in possession of a ripe watermelon, the one my uncle bought for me from a roadside stand, so I was able to honor her request. True to family tradition we washed the watermelon at the fountain outside, like it was a little piglet, then we cut it to eat outdoors under the grapevine with sharp knives. The pigeons were very happy when we we threw them the seeds. They are fat beautiful pigeons.

I brought a big slice of watermelon to my old lizard’s room. She had already feasted on hand cut fresh French fries and my very soft and tender slow roasted chicken. But she sat down and cut into her watermelon with determination. She kept saying how good it was with every bite, then in the evening she told the children all about it.

I felt even happier today than yesterday. Between the watermelon, the hand cut fries, the juiciest tomatoes, and cherries straight from my tree, I feel like I’m eating the most amazing stuff there is, spending time outside in the yard, and laughing a lot with the aunts. The lizard and I are also having the occasional funny repartee. There are moments when she’s very present and aware. Then she starts talking to the children about buying dye for Easter eggs, but that’s ok too. I’m sure the children would be lonely without her chatter.

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