The Girl Who Loved Rats

Today I overheard my old lizard talking to the imaginary children in her room and telling them about what I was like as a child. She said I wanted to go everywhere – up to the attic and even the place where the pig lived. I also released my uncle’s canary, then cried a lot when it flew away. Of course, I already knew these stories, but it was nice to hear the lizard remember them now and retell them quite coherently to the children. The story she dwelled most on was the one of the rats. One time there were rats in the garage and I saw them and I went on and on about how adorable they were.

To tell you the truth, I still think rats are very cute, especially their eyes. It’s not like I want to cuddle with the or even get close, but there’s something about their faces I just love.

In other good news, the little black cat with white whiskers returned to us today after a few days’ absence in which we missed him and worried about him. We were delighted to see him!

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