Black Crested Titmouse

Here’s a watercolor of one of the birds I saw on my walk this afternoon. I had to look up what it was as I obviously didn’t know. Anyway, the walk was nice, and overall my day was good.

I had a very nice lunch with a good friend, including the chance to laugh about things that require laughing. I lounged around reading a book I really liked, walked both with and without the dog, and did my little exercise routine, which I still can’t push past 5 minutes, but whatever.

I felt like maybe I should start writing a bit more on the blog, sharing more, the way I used to. But not all of my thoughts and feelings recently have been fit for sharing. Between the pandemic, my trip home from which I didn’t really want to return, and my efforts to get the business going, which have been somewhat mollified by heat, jet lag, allergies, and just overall existential blah, I haven’t really wanted to share all that much. But… I know the way out of this blah-ness, and it’s to do work that inspires me, and perhaps to create a few experiences that inspire me along the way.

When I was home, my wise older aunt made me promise that once back I would arrange for a proper vacation for myself. She’s seen a show about the Dominican Republic and wanted me to go there. Not sure I’m up for pandemic flying again so soon, but a promise is a promise. So I booked a sweet Victorian house in Galveston for a full week at the end of the month. It’s fully refundable, so if I don’t meet my goals, I don’t have to go. But maybe it will motivate me to actually do really well this month? And if I do end up going, maybe I’ll find the inspiration that’s been eluding me? There’s a bathroom in the house with blue dragon wallpaper. Surely that would be helpful, don’t you think?

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