And So It Starts

Things change overnight. And exciting new adventures begin. I’m working on a new project that can literally pave my way to the art fair I’ve been invited to in Barcelona while revisiting a favorite old theme. If you’ve been following my career for ten years or so, you can probably guess what this is about, and everyone else will learn about it soon enough.

So today, on the New Moon – and isn’t she a beauty? – I got a delivery of 100 canvases and already got to work. More on that later. Other good things happened today too. My friend finished reading my jazz age mystery manuscript and loved it. I took a trip to the Island, delivered new art to Mock & More Gallery, walked around, stuck my feet in the water, and for a long time my friend and I sat on a bench in the shade enjoying the breeze. And perhaps that was the greatest accomplishment of all.

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