Bike Day!

This morning I decided to do something I hadn’t done in years: I decided to ride one of the bikes in the back yard to farmers’ market. I had apprehensions: I’m kind of scared of bikes, always have been. Something about balancing on two wheels doesn’t sit right with me. But I did it, y’all! At first I walked more than rode, timidly pedaling for like half a block through the alley before breaking. But then, on my way back, it got easier, the breeze felt really good, and I found myself smiling while riding.

In the evening my friend came by on his bicycle and we rode to the beach, rode to the Seawall, walked on the beach, then rode back. It was so much fun! And I think I’ll buy a bicycle again. It might be fun to ride one in the Heights too. Although, do I really even want to go home? I do miss certain things: my bed which is just the way I like it, my Australian espresso machine, Matilda, of course, my new gold table, my many art supplies. But the Island is breezy and salty and it helped me relax. It seems unfair that I have to leave just when I got comfortable riding a bike again. But I will be back. And my friend has a spare one I can borrow.

Also, we saw a pig on the beach. Surely that’s good luck. And did you know that pigs require sunscreen?

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